Small Peristaltic Pumps for OEM Manufacturers

These small Peristaltic Pumps are designed for panel mounting or incorporation into any machine that needs an accurate, low maintenance dosing solution. A flexible pump design for intermittent and specialty pump applications. These self priming peristaltic pumps are able to perform variable flow, reversible, chemical resistant and can handle particulates and viscous fluids easily.

These Peristaltic Pumps are among the smallest in the market and are a great low cost alternative. Flow ranges from 1.0 mL/min to 320 mL/min.

3 Rollers or 6 Rollers

Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise Rotation

Highly Stable

Changeable Tubing

Tubing Options: High-Grade Viton, PharMed® BPT, Norprene®, Silicone

Chemical Dosing Water Treatment Systems
Vending Machines Printing Equipment

Flow Rate: up to 2.0 mL/min
Size: 32 mm x 17 mm x 14 mm
Weighs only 13 gms


Flow Rate: up to 30 mL/min
Size: 55 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm
Weighs only 45 gms

Flow Rate: up to 95 mL/min
Gear Drive, DC Standard Motor
Viscous Fluid


Flow Rate: up to 130 mL/min
Gear Drive, DC Brushless Motor
Viscous Fluid

Flow Rate: up to 90 mL/min
Low Cost
OEM Applications

Flow Rate: up to 300 mL/min
Stepper Motor
Viscous Fluid

Peristaltic Pump - PP-7

Flow Rate: up to 72 mL/min
Stepper Motor
3 Rollers


Flow Rate: up to 50 mL/min
Stepper Motor
6 Rollers

Peristaltic Pump - PP-8

Flow Rate: up to 280 mL/min
DC Motor
Viscous Fluid

Peristaltic Pump - PP-9

Flow Rate: up to 300 mL/min
Stepper Motor
Viscous Fluid