Peristaltic Pumps for Laboratory, Industrial, and Production

Our Peristaltic Laboratory Pumps have many uses in a variety of laboratory, production, and industrial applications. Peristaltic pumps from Binaca Pumps are preferred for high purity applications – due to the fact that the fluid being handled is confined only to the tube. This keeps the pump from contaminating the fluid.

Because the fluid is confined to the tubing, these Peristaltic Laboratory Pumps require minimal maintenance. The only part needed to be cleaned or replaced is the tubing. By selecting the optimum size tubing and the motor speed, an accurate measurement of flow can be achieved for your application. Call today to learn more about the superior design of our highly accurate Peristaltic Laboratory Pumps.


Highly Precise Applications: (+/- 0.5 % accuracy)

Flow Rates from 0.00016 mL/min to 2,280 mL/min

Contamination Free

Laboratory Pump Series with Touch Screen Display


Compact Peristaltic Pump
(Variable Speed)

Use: General Laboratory, Liquid Transfer

Flow Rate: 0.0024 mL/min to 190 mL/min