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Binaca Pumps carries a full line of small, reliable OEM air & gas pumps. These types of pumps are also referred to as air diaphragm pumps and gas diaphragm pumps. We provide long lasting pumps designed for many different industry applications. Our pumps have been tested in the real world and can last anywhere from 10,000 hours to 25,000 hours depending on the model chosen and the application. Most pumps are available with AC or DC motors, but you have the option to customize our air & gas pumps based on your specific requirements.

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Air & Gas Pumps - BP Small Diaphragm Pumps

Small Diaphragm Pumps (BP Series)

BP Series: Small Pressure Pumps and Small Vacuum Pumps

The BP Series pumps are AC or DC voltage pumps designed to handle air & gas. These small pressure pumps and small vacuum pumps are designed to run continuously and provide very long life – 50,000 or higher in many applications. Our proprietary design rubber mounts are very effective in reducing vibration and noise.

Max Flow: 3.0 – 4.5 L/min
Pressure: 0-10 PSI
Vacuum: 0-15 inHG

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