Small Diaphragm Pumps (BP Series)

These small air pumps work on vibrating armature principal. Due to their simpler design, construction & fewer moving marts, these small diaphragm pumps can perform maintenance-free for very long time. Typical life expectancy is 25,000 hours & higher depending upon the specific application, which is virtually impossible to achieve from DC motor pumps including brushless motors. These small air pumps can be used in pressure as well as vacuum mode. These air pumps are available in AC power (12 V, 24 V, 115 V, 220 V) or DC power (12 V, 24 V) to suit customer’s needs.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) option is available on certain DC volt version pumps. This unique feature is highly desirable for applications requiring precise control of the pump output.


Low Noise

100% Oil Free

Continuous Run

Life 25,000 Hours & Higher

Air Sampling Air Mattresses
Gas Analysis Wound Drainage
Liquid Dispensing Ozone Generator and Analyzers
CO2 Monitoring Inkjet Printers
Blood Pressure Monitors Compression Units

Small Diaphragm Pumps (BP Series)

Model Flow (L/min) Pressure (bar) Vacuum (bar) Voltage (AC) Voltage (DC) Power (W) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm)
BP-101 4.5 0.6 24/115/220 12/24 5.0 500 106x95x70
BP-202 4.5 0.6 – 0.4 24/115/220 12/24 5.0 500 106x95x70
BP-303 4.5 0.6 – 0.4 24/115/220 12/24 5.0 400 101x80x55
BP-505  3.0  0.4 – 0.3  12/24 12/24 3.5 210 76x54x38