Pressure Pump Applications

Blood Pressure Monitors

The miniature air pumps are used in bio-medical instruments such as Blood Pressure Monitors for cuff inflation. These air pumps are used by hospitals and clinics, where it is necessary for these units to operate day and night. Our air pumps are designed to last a long time even with 12 VDC power. Both 120 VAC and 12 V pumps are available.

Liquid Level Control

These diaphragm pumps are widely used for liquid level control in municipalities for sewage handling. The advantage of using diaphragm pumps for such applications is due to their ability to function reliably, even in a dirty environment like sewage water. These air pumps can work 24 hours a day in continuous duty.

Liquid Dispensing

These low pressure pumps are commonly used for auto liquid dispensing applications. The dispersion can be varied by controlling the air pressure from these miniature diaphragm pumps. We offer adjustable rheostat (optional) for applications which require fine adjustment to achieve the desired dispersion. 12 VDC pumps are also desirable for precise dispensing control.

Tank Aeration

The aquarium pumps are used very reliably for fish tanks. The aquarium pumps provide the necessary oxygen needed by the fish and will help to prevent bacteria growth. The aquarium pumps are also suitable for air stones, foam filters, under-gravel filters, and air driven ornaments. Garden ponds would also be a great fit for our aquarium pumps.