We are a 3-D printing company & have been using Binaca Model 202 small vacuum pump since 1993. This vacuum pump is a critical part of our machine due to the fact that a large percentage of our 3-D printing machines are shipped overseas. Some of our machines are still operating without changing the pump even after 12 years. This is one of very reliable components in our machine.

Industry: 3-D Printing
Location: New Hampshire

We have been using Binaca small air pumps in our Oxygen analyzers since 1988. Our application is very challenging because the pump runs continuously. We tried many other small vacuum pumps but none of these lasted long enough. We are very happy with the quality & the customer service Binaca provides.

Industry: Oxygen Analyzer Devices
Location: Boston

Binaca Pumps has been our supplier since 1998. These small air pumps run continuously in our equipment which is used for liquid level control in sewage treatment plants. The reliability of these pumps is very important for us because the failure of the pump can cause sewage spillage. We are very pleased with these pumps.

Industry: Control Panel Manufacturer
Location: Ohio