LP-2 Small Diaphragm Liquid Pumps

LP-2 Small Diaphragm Liquid Pumps are a series of DC motor driven pumps designed to handle liquids. The innovative design incorporates advanced technologies allowing these to operate harder, dry & longer than most other pump designs. These small diaphragm liquid pumps work on the basic principal of the oscillating displacement pump. The power from the motor is converted into vertical movement by an eccentric. This motion is transferred to the rubber diaphragm by a connecting rod. This creates the pumping action using inlet & outlet valves. All these small diaphragm liquid pumps can be mounted in any orientation. A wide range of materials, motors, voltages are offered to meet specific applications. Pump life of 10,000 hours or higher is possible with proprietary brushless motors for certain models. The versatility of these small diaphragm liquid pumps allows these to be used for Medical, Laboratory, Fuel Cells & Inkjet Printers. Dual head model pump enables the flexibility of using in different modes including in Parallel, Series or totally independent as 2 separate pumps.

Long Life

Small & Compact

Self Priming

Dry Running

Chemical Resistance


Medical Equipment Cuvette Cleaning
Food/ Toxicology Inkjet Printing
Filtration Photographic/ Film Development
Chromatography Liquid Transfer & Dispensing

LP-2 Small Diaphragm Liquid Pumps

Model Flow (mL/min) Pressure (PSI) Voltage (DC) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm)
LP-2C 3,000 40.0 6/12/24 900 130x117x51